BEST..... what's happened? It's like no ones home. Also the New BEST ROCA any good?

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Having flown BEST kites on land boards and buggies to Kitesurfing since 2007 I am at a cross roads to what is going on with Best in the UK..

It seams no kiteshop wants to deal with them.. no UK agent? No representation at any kite event.. is this just a UK thing or is BEST going the same way as other Kite brands that have had their day?

Say what you want about BEST but ive found them to be good, nice kit and for me build quality has infact been well.... good.. I think I had an issue with my 2006 kite in 2007 with a few pins holes from now where that was about it.. I only say this because some people like to bash BEST I don't know why. It's got a lot of riders up and riding and infact a good part of the range of kite takes you from learner to intermediate rider in one kite..

So my cross roads in BEST kitesurfing life..

I normally get new Kahoona each year in a end of season deal.. a pair of kites and a bar and lines.. but I didn't last year because no reps about.. see above..

Nothing wrong with my old kites but I like to keep it up todate... so the new ROCA.. any good? has any one riden one?
I'm interested in one.. do they turn any faster than the old Kahoona V6/V7 I am at that stage where I want to get the 11.5m turning faster ( yes I have adjusted it ) but is it just as quick as past Kahoona's ??
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The Roca is a good kite, I've ridden a 12m this year replacing my old Kahoona's, waroo + pro and BFK before that. In fact rode Best pretty much from the beginning.

The Roca is a definite improvement of the Kahoona, higher aspect, so a little quicker. It's just a reliable predictable all round kite. Definitely well positioned between what was the kahoona and TS.

Now in my 17th year of kitesurfing the interest petered off a little, but buying a WOO Sports device and buying a Roca really got me interested in the sport again. Back to loving it.

I will say that if you are looking at just jumping the Roca does not compete with kites such as the Ozone Edge or North Rebel. These are simply higher aspect and offer more lift.

The 12m Roca has been a cracking all round kite with good low end that surpassed my previous 13.5m. I've used it on days where friend have been on 17TS and bigger board. I ride a Flyradical Small (128cm) but speed of the Roca makes up for size.

Improvement over the Kahoona, yes.
Would I have a Roca over a TS or GP, probably.
Good floaty jumps, yes.

This year I have also bought a 10 and 17m Edge, the high aspect nature of these kites is personally what I am now drawn to as I only jump, no more fancy tricks in this old dog.
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Last I heard, Rob at CBK Hunstanton was the UK guy for Best, but just had a quick look on their website and there is no sign of Best

There was always good UK representation of the brand, then one of Baker brothers took it on (not Nik, I cant remember his name) and it seemed to go to shit from there

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Ant Baker.....................................Hmm say no more !!!
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vibro100 wrote:Ant Baker.....................................Hmm say no more !!!

Yeah, that's him! I had some dealings with him, not a very pleasant chap. I then began to find out he doesn't have the best of reputations!

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Rob Fuller tred to pick the pieces up after Ant annoyed a lot of dealers.

Word from Euro HQ in Berlin now is that the shops do the repping themselves with backup from Berlin staff. Seems that's the way a few brands have decided the last year or so
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Ant Baker, massive twat.
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Dont really konw Ant Baker except for speaking him on the beach a couple of times. I have always wondered why so many people seem to dislike him. Recently came across this article about him in a local newspaper: ... -1-7384554
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