Beginner getting back into kitesurfing

New to the sport, ask questions in here, ask anything you want, we all had to start somewhere!
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Hi All

I am a new member to this kite forum and I wonder if any other members could give me their opinions.

I have not been kitesurfing for around 4 years due to having a young family. I am looking to get back on the water now children are older, so hopefully once lockdown restrictions lifted I be able to get some one to one refresher lessons booked in.

My current quiver set up is a 2010 Best Kahoona 11.5 and 2013 Best Kahoona 2013 with a best redline performance bar. All in very good condition.

I have been considering updating to some new kites and control bar for this year.

If I sold my Best kites and control bar probably would not get much money for them now as quite old.
So is it worth me just continuing using my current set up this year whilst learning again and does not matter if they got damage and then look to buy new quiver may be next year.

I know the current market brands control bars and safety systems would have changed a lot compared to my best redline performance bar.

Any one who like to comment and give some advice. I would be grateful.


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