Re-Newbie in North Wales

New to the sport, ask questions in here, ask anything you want, we all had to start somewhere!
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Second time looking for a buddy as my last one has run off South (Nothing to do with me!)

My kiting career has been patchy at best having done lessons a few years ago and coming and going from the sport a few times due to lack of friends who do the sport mostly (And a year in New Zealand on top of that)! I'm really looking to get out again now, and although I haven't done it in a while I don't think I'll be such a danger to myself to warrant spending more money I don't have on more lessons that won't teach me anything that simple time on the water won't! But I also don't want to turn up to the beach alone and force somebody to help me when they're just looking to have time to themselves, you know?

Would love to meet someone who would help launch and land and just keep a vague eye out on me. I promise there will be many crashes to amuse you and I'm always willing to have a pint afterwards to wash out the salt and sand!

Living in Llangollen atm, but willing to go north to West Kirby, Rhossy, or anywhere really!

Look forward to meeting some of you hopefully :)
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Hello. I am just going to start out in the kite surfing so who knows maybe we can meet and do this as much as possible.. im from manchester but north wales is nit that far
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Hello - I am in much the same position. Live in East Yorkshire but can possibly cadge a lift with my sister as she spends many weekends near Anglesey. David Mc.
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