Kiteboarding alone

New to the sport, ask questions in here, ask anything you want, we all had to start somewhere!
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When I get better and more confident is it okay ( safe) to kite board alone? I would join cbk down in hayling island, but being Portsmouth just by the beach it'd be good to get out after work at times without the 45 minute journey.
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Its not a good idea to kite alone, I do because I have no choice in the for a few times in the year when I get to kite with other kiters.

I used to kite in remote areas, but tend to stay in places where there is at least some people nearby, out walking their dogs or whatever.

You will need to learn to launch and land your kite on your own. I should get instruction on this if I were you. I learnt all this on my own, but not through choice. Waiting for a bunch of other kiters, let alone an instructor to appear in my part of the world..just aint going to happen.
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Hey Emmery1990,

Where in Portsmouth are you going? I'm looking for a kiting buddy and would be flexible to join/help out during the day when the tide is good. I'm in Lee on Solent,

I only just started so I'm still a newbie.
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Guys I'm new to the sport too, living on the Isle of Wight but happy to travel or show you around here. My 3 day course starts this Friday so any time after iam free to join

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I'm also new to Kitesurfing and looking for fellow KS to go out with until confidence improves - have been learning at Hill Head and can just about go on both tacks but not consistently!


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I'm looking for kite surfing buddies in Norfolk, I go to Old Hunstanton most often. Just back from Tarifa where I finally managed to suss water starts and get riding for a while, so really keen to keep practising. Please get in touch. Cheers!
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