Anyone local to bognor Regis or hayling island or surrounding areas?

New to the sport, ask questions in here, ask anything you want, we all had to start somewhere!
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Im going to be buying my first kite and bored etc.

Is anyone here local to the locations stated? I would like to come down and watch and see if i can get any tips.

Or would anyone be willing to teach me? Im happy to pay but would prefer a person to teach me rather than a business.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Most kite schools are a one man band, with maybe a few other instructors helping them out during the summer(busy) months.

You'll find most people who kite wont want to spend the windy days teaching, they would rather be kiting. Unless it's an instructor, as they get more time in & around the water every day.
If you don't have any friends who can teach you, then you're going to need some luck in finding a stranger wanting to help you IMHO

Spend your money with an instructor, it'll be money well spent and you'll progress much faster that way.

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