Self Launching - Anchor vs no Anchor

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Hi Guys,

Ive been Kiting for about 7 months now and have always been kiting when other people have been around or had a mate to Launch and catch my kite. However Id like to have the ability to self launch and land should I need to. Obviously when I crash the kite in the water I can re launch it, and I have landed my kite a few times on the beach my pulling the top lines down and pulling them towards me quickly.

I did however read online that you can use an Ikea bag filled with sand to help you self launch and land should no one be there to assist. But I feel that although this is a good idea, it would be good for me to learn to self launch and land without the use of an anchor. Whats everyones thoughts on this?


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In good conditions self launching/landing untethered is fine but when the conditions are poor and you really need a safe method to self launch/land then tethered is only way for me. I generally use beach/street furniture, something solid and immovable...although I have used my board buried in the sand before.
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