BQ Symphony 3 1.3m or Cross kites Air 1.3 m for a 60lb 8 year old rookie

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This is an extension of my earlier post to try and narrow things down between the last two kites ... ety-leash/

I was looking at the:

  • BQ Symphony 3 1.3m
    Cross Kite Air 1.3m 
    B4Q Flux 1.3m 

Trainer kites as a first introduction for my soon to be 8 year old nephew  (Weight 60 Lb) to be used in parks safely and teach basics and get him interested in upgrading to power kites.

Thanks guys for eliminating  kites bigger than this for safety reasons.

The B4Q Fluxx looked good with a bar control which would help having the same controls as bigger kites and safety leash kite killer, but is DOUBLE  the price of the other two and may have more pull.

So currently looking to decide between the other two trainer kites, both look very similar so trying to narrow things down feature and flying control wise etc.

Does anyone know what specific differences there are between the two if any? They are both  appear to be :

  • The same size
    Look to have same controls
    Pretty much same price
But I cannot get a more detailed feature list for either like construction, do both lack the means to eject sand? Build quality or is it just the Cross Kites air missing this feature, how do both fly? anything else to narrow things down? What wactly are the differences and selling points between these two similar kites.

As said this is to be given to a clueless never flown kites before 8 year olds birthday who is a very light 60 lb / 27 kilo with equally clueless parents in regards power kites, to be taken to parks and fields surrounded by trees on uneven ground in North London UK  outskirts near Trent Park, Enfield, Southgate, Oakwood if you are familiar with those areas.

Also what other accessories would be wise to get like tent pegs, knee pads, etc and can these kites be adapted to bar control later and if so how much would that be in UK pounds

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