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Noo Noo
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Hello All

We're back yet again with the 5th installment of the Vansurf saga. This year we've gone for a name change to Surf & Rock with the intention of welcoming anyone and everyone. Vans are not necessary!

Apologies to all for the late notice, we've been a bit busy this year with various projects and stuff but we've decided again to organise and host another gathering.

Yet again we'll be at Black Rock Sands in North Wales. Dates are 4th through to the 7th October. We plan to be there from about 12ish on the Thursday to set up the event tent and generally get ourselves sorted. After that it's all about what conditions we hope to get.

Over the last couple of years we've been met with some awesome North Westerlies on the Friday. We've been over to a personal favourite of a spot called Nefyn and been greeted by fantastic wave conditions. We've got most wind directions covered in the region, we just need the wind. If they don't show we've started to branch out a bit, There will be a crowd heading off with the Mountain Bikes. There are a number of great mountain biking spots in the area, or there's a cable tow or I may even head out on the sea kayak. If it's fun bring it along! Evenings are all about a giggle over a few beers and a BBQ.

Yet again i'm hoping to get Richard from Seabreeze Sports to come along with some brand new Ocean Rodeo kit available for people to try. I know he's got his dirty mits on the brand new Prodigy already. Cross fingers he can make it and bring it along.

We ask people to book themselves into the campsite with Wendy.
Black Rock Sands Touring Park
Morfa Bychan
Porthmadog, Gwynedd LL49 9YH
01766 513919

I'll post up more info during the week but here's our website" onclick=";return false;

Links to other activities if the kiting / surfing doesn't kick off are:
Mountain biking" onclick=";return false; ... renin.aspx" onclick=";return false;

Surfing" onclick=";return false;

Cable tow, go karting etc." onclick=";return false;
Noo Noo
Posts: 177
Joined: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:56 am

Ok a bit more info.

Richard of Seabreeze Sports and Ocean Rodeo will be with us again and new toys will be available for demo. He's managed to get hold of some of the new 2013 gear which is only now starting to become available directly from Canada.

He's got a 9.5m Prodigy which is a brand new kite from Ocean Rodeo and replaces the Rise. I've heard some good stuff on this kite already. Simple to fly, well behaved and performs well. Looking forward to seeing it close hand." onclick=";return false;

He also has an 8m and 12m Razor (2013). This was Ocean Rodeo's most successful kite last year and not without reason. It does it all. It sits somewhere between a traditional C kite and a SLE. The wave boys love the drift they can get with the kite. It obviously turns extremely well, and pulls through the turns too unlike an SLE. The freestyle crew also have something to shout about here. It thrives on pop and gives a pleasant yank off the water but also gives that nice dead spot that the handlepassers love." onclick=";return false;

Richard also informs me that he has the new Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit. Built specifically for surfing / kitesurfing." onclick=";return false;

Remember Ocean Rodeo also have other kites and drysuits in the range including the Flite (lightwind machine), the new Force (out and out storm kite) and the Cypher which is more suited to freestyle / park riders but it does work well in the waves by all accounts. Check out their stuff on the website" onclick=";return false;

As usual I also expect he'll have a range of other equipment stuffed in the van so all are welcome to keep the guy busy. T:
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