2013 Scottish Windfest 13-15 September Troon

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Hi all,

It might be early in 2013 but we thought we’d let you all know that the Windfest Crew have been stupid enough to volunteer and do it all again this year!

On the 13th to the 15th of September 2013 we are hoping to stage an even bigger and better event than we did in 2012.

The wind could have been better but last year was still an awesome event; done not only for the enthusiasts but their families as well. We had everything from a mini fun fair, quad bikes, SUP racing and the Red Bull jet ski and cable tow – not to mention the full bar, DJ’s and bands.

This year we are aiming to put even more entertainment on for the whole family - they can be amused off the water while you get to try all the latest kit from a whole variety of big brands and take part in our fun competitions.

Put the date in you diary and make a weekend of it - this year’s Scottish Windfest if going to be HUGE!

The Windfest Crew!

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