Windfest on Tour 10th & 11th of May at Sands of Luce Caravan

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The Windfest on Tour is a gathering of like-minded individuals coming together to share the stoke of our awesome sport. We want to take the ethos and vibe of the Windfest to other locations and showcase it to a wider audience . The gatherings will focus on the social-side of our sport, but we hope we can inject some friendly rivalry amongst and across disciplines to push ourselves to new levels.

Our inaugural Windfest on Tour date is going to be at the spectacular Sands of Luce Holiday Park this weekend with a stunning bay and other locations close-by we can ride pretty much any wind direction.

The forecast looks very promising for this weekend and there are two epic, world class flat water spots available at high tide that we plan on hitting - early Saturday at the old ATC tower estuary and then early Sunday at the huge Glen Luce lagoon. Over and above this there will be some demo gear available to try from Shinn and Airush plus a free jumping and intermediate trick clinic sponsored by them.

If you can make it along then the park has plenty of camping and there is a BBQ and on-site bar in the evening to chill-out and talk kit with others like minded wind obsessed people.

Check out or FB page for more details: Scottish WIndfest Facebook Page
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Nearly here!! Can't wait

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