Best of Airstyle Kiteboarding 2015

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Best of Airstyle Kiteboarding 2015,


Go on-board with FLYSURFER rider Lukash Vogeltanz and swoop through his 2015 kiteboarding year. Lukash his passion is old-school kitesurfing, or airstyle as many call it today. Which means going big, with all kinds of board-off variations, slides and transitions with unique trick combinations. We as FLYSURFER Kiteboarding love this style of kiting, since it comes as close to flying with a kite as possible. See Lukash rip on the SONIC Full Race kite and his beloved RADICAL5 127cm twintip kiteboard in Hurghada & Ras Sudr. Enjoy this video, for more information check out: flysurfer.comCast: FLYSURFER Kiteboarding and Lukash KITE4FUN.CZ

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Some nice sections on this vid - and undoubtably the worlds longest dark slide (shame about the dunk at the end). Enjoyed that.
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High five to a dude wearing speedos is old school!

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[quote="Tony"]High five to a dude wearing speedos is old school!

He must be German
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