What size board is right for me!!!

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I`ve been kite boarding for almost 1 year now, I weigh 92kg at 6ft tall. Ive been using a Best Spark 140X40 which has been fine but I feel its time to change for something more suited to an intermediate rider like I almost am ;-) I frequent Hayling Island so these are the wind conditions I kite in.
Question is this: What size board is going to be best for me to change into and does anyone have any suggestions on make and model?
I nearly bought a Slingshot Misfit 136X40 but pulled out the deal at the 11th hour because I got spooked thinking the board is not going to be right for me!!
Many Thanks in advance for your comments and thoughts.
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What would you like your new board to do that your current one doesn't?
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g0nz0 wrote:What would you like your new board to do that your current one doesn't?
Thanks for asking! I would like to get up wind easier, get over choppy water smoothly and be able to have a descent amount of pop.
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Always try before you buy dude! Ask your mates for a go on their boards, demo boards from CBK if you are a member? I kite at Hayling so you could try my Nobile NHP if we happen to cross paths one day.

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Exactly, pitch up somewhere (with prior arrangement of course) and try the boards out.

I got the same board as you, be nice to have something a bit lighter but otherwise I suspect its got plenty of life in it yet. Bought a Mako a while back, its ok for large choppy water and waves but time and again I keep reaching for the 'Spark'.
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Funny thing is the Spark will do all those things pretty well.
Misfit might have not been quite what your looking for , sounds like your looking for something very freeride oriented .
Smoother means slightly more flex , thinner nose/tail with abit more rocker and sidecut.( But you may not need all of these one or two factors might give you the difference your looking for and when i say"Slightly" and "abit" i mean very small changes will make a very noticeable differrence , big changes will produce a board that is suited to something completely different)
Also sounds like you could use slightly more width 42 maybe and i'd drop to say 138 for freeride at your height and weight.
Really have to ask what you would like the board to do ?
One of the most impressive allround boards i have rode it that SU2 Pro-rider.
But there are alot of boards that might fit the bill
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You can also hit up Mike Birt (check the original poster on the Shinn threads in the Trade Expo). He sends out demos for Shinn and can advise you on size.

My money for the things you want would be a Dundee or Monk.
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My board went off for a warranty claim a month and a half ago, and since then I've been borrowing a wide assortment off friends, and Kiteitright (many thanks to Tom!), and I've been really surprised at which boards I have really enjoyed most! The boards have ranged from 130 to 140 and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them, although they have all had very different characteristics.
Really brought it home to me that you need to try as many boards as possible before taking one home!

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my first post :-D
All your comments were helpful to me in making the decision to buy a Slingshot Misfit 136X40...... cant wait for the wind to pick up and Ill be up up and awayyyyyyy!!!!
See you on the water one day.
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