North Rebel 14m - what replacement?!

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Hi, i currently have 7m/10m 2010 North Rebels which i think are great kites and will be good for me to progress with jumping, basic tricks and also some playing in the waves. However, i have a 2009 14m Rebel which i really struggle with, the kite is really slow to react and i am sure weighs the same as my Land Rover! I always find the kite hard work and never really enjoy a session on my question is, am i likely to see a huge improvement going for something like a 2012 14m Rebel or am i better going smaller different style of kite, something like a Dyno? I should add that i am currently riding a twin tip in all conditions but would like to progress to a strapless board in lighter potentially i can afford to drop the size slightly. Any info would be appreciated. Ali
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Hi - I have had a similar set up as you for some time. 2009 Rebels in 14m and 10m and a 7m Evo. Later I added a lightwind board - the set-up was good for 12-33knots. I did find a bit of a gap between the 14m and 10m at times. I now have a dedicated lightwind kite (a Turbine) and a 12m Rebel 2013/14. The 12m is a much better kite than the old 14m in terms of flight characteristics - it flies quicker (obviously) but has a good low end, stable and just feels 'tidier' in the air with less flapping here and there. With a strapless board I doubt you will notice any loss in low end from the 14m.
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