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Due to the recent court case following the Sand Yacht incident at Lytham St Annes, there still remains a total ban on all kite traction sports (buggies, mountain boards) on the beach South of the slipway at Starr Gate. This area of the beach is checked on a regular basis, all year round!

The Kitesurfing situation remains favourable, but with recent events, even the smallest incident could change matters

When Kitesurfing at South Shore........

All kites should be launched as close to the water as possible and you should enter the water as soon as you can

Avoid launching directly in front of the slipway, move south at least 50 yds, beginners should move at least 100yds south, avoid launching in front of the sea wall on a rising tide

2hrs either side of high tide lauch kites with care, beginners should avoid launching at this time!!

Land based kiters should move at least 100yds south of the slipway, fly close to the waters edge and avoid fkying close to high water

All kiters must use appropriate safety equipment, including a functional kite leash and release system and carry 3rd party insurance

Any kiter deemed to be acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the beach

Respect other water users, bathers, fishermen etc, Remember... Distance is your friend!!

We have a superb location on the fylde coast, as good as anywhere else in the country, a little bit of thought will ensure it remains as such!

More info will be posted as we get it

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oh dear just read this..

shame some one had an incident I have family moving there and I was looking forward to a new buggy place on my list , looks like it's not now :?
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i am interested in taking up kite surfing and I wondered if you could provide some advise, what kite to start with, what board etc?

Many Thanks,

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