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Hayling Island is a very popular kitesurfing destination on the UK's south coast. The spot has come under threat of a ban and restrictions over the past couple of years but is currently working well with a club / flag system in place thanks to the efforts of Phil Elborough of Zero Gravity.

With the support of the local kitesurfing community Phil has set up the Hayling Kitesurfing Association (HKA). It is essential that anyone wishing to kitesurf at Hayling should contact the association first.

From the HKA website:

The club has been formed to ensure the management of the kitesurfing area on Hayling beach, to provide a safe area for kitesurfers to practice their sport and to maintain the safety of other beach users.

It will be a requirement to be a member of the club to kitesurf Hayling from the 1st July 2003

By joining the club you are agreeing to abide by the club rules and put the safety of other beach users first to ensure kitesurfing can continue on Hayling Island.

Please check out the HKA website for more info and news... http://www.hka.org.uk
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