Windy Holiday destinations by month

Review and share info about international kitesurf destinations.
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Puclaro really does work every day I've been there its epic.
There is one place on Vancouver island (canada) that blows every day - also has this weird venturi effect
Other killer spots are

Aruba seems pretty consistent (off there in may) an island off
and St. Brandon - (near to Mauritius is also most consistent)
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Cape Town, South Africa blows all summer long. Cape Town is famous (or infamous) for its SE! The West Coast of Cape Town is among the best spots for Wind power and consistency. In summer there will be few days the wind does not blow.

check out" onclick=";return false;

Winter is a different story, wind dies and so does activity!

Ask yourself a question, if the wind did not blow well in Cape Town, why does the world number 1 and number 2 spend months of the year there?

Think about it......
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Thanks Cheddaz, great list!

We've recently left Tarifa, after 5 years as the wind has changed and is not reliable any more, the beaches are incredibly crowded even in the winter months now. In the summer just getting to the beach is a huge hassle and parking is nearly non-existent. Even Valdevaqueros, which usually saves the day with it's thermal due to the sand dune at Punta Paloma, now rarely switches the wind and you end up with a stalemate between a weak Levante and thermal wind.

So we've upped stick and moved to live in Turkey as we found an amazing spot last year!

The place is Gokova Bay, near Akyaka in Mugla province, south west tucked in between Marmaris and Bodrum but far enough away to not have to experience either if you don't want to :wink: Here's a picture of the spot" onclick=";return false;, basically, the mountains either side cause the venturi effect and the small amount of wind crossing the top of the bay gets sucked in giving smooth, constant, daily winds! The water is flat, shallow and you have 3 km of completely uncrowed space to ride in - a very nice change from Tarifa!

April - 75% wind
May to September - 99% wind
October - 75% wind

We've never been disappointed here!" onclick=";return false;
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I see that you mentioned playa Copal (Bahia Salinas), in Costa Rica. I live and kitesurf here since 2000, so I have some knowledge about the situation. Wind season start officially at the beginning of November, so by mid Nov. wind is ON. When I say ON it means that it's rare that it isn't blowing (I would say only 2-3 days per month is quite!). This is until April. May it's usually good too but with 7-8 days without wind. June very impredictable, so, good for locals but less for tourists. July and first half of August has again good conditions as May but from the end of August until the end of October it's rainy and with very few days of wind. I hope that people have some more infos now about this place.
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I will start a kitesurf school in Sao Vicente so be warned I AM NOT IMPARTIAL!
Nevertheless, I tried to find an objective way to get a sense of wind conditions at popular winter holiday destinations.

The way I look at it:
- I want a good wind-direction (for most spots: cross-shore)
- I want a a good wind strength for teaching (11-25 knots)
- I want the wind to blow during the day (10am - 4pm)
To top it off: I want ALL of the above at the same time, to answer the question: What percentage of time during the day can I expect perfect wind?

This is what I came up with:

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Sao Vicente, CV 92% 99% 96% 87% 96% 85% 97% 99%
Sal, Cape Verde 71% 81% 81% 85% 74% 37% 47% 41%
Combuco, Brazil 99% 92% 81% 53% 39% 23% 4% 5%
Tarifa, Spain 20% 26% 51% 37% 39% 19% 46% 25%
El Gouna, Egypt 69% 37% 47% 34% 29% 60% 52% 61%
Cabarete, DR 13% 18% 32% 30% 38% 40% 33% 41%
Fuerteventura, Spain 80% 63% 64% 66% 49% 57% 79% 55%
Dakhla, Morocco 68% 59% 57% 70% 60% 59% 91% 87%

If you want more details about how the above was derived, see: ... tatistics/" onclick=";return false;

By the way: I know the Sao Vicente numbers seem too good to be true but from personal experience so far it appears that the numbers may be correct!
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Here are this years stats for Gokova Bay Turkey:

These stats were taken daily from the middle of March until the date of posting. These stats are based on both Mark and Sarah riding either a 7m, 9m or 12m North Vegas (C style, ie, not as powerful as a Delta or Bow style kite). Sarah is the lightest at 64kgs and Mark is heavier at 76kgs, they both ride a 130x39 board.

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here's my two pence worth!...

alacati in the south west of turkey ... the pole dancers have known about it for years but kiting is taking off big time.

i lived in izmir for a couple of years and fell for alacati big time. wind is seriously consistent all summer and the sea is gorgeous.

get in touch with" onclick=";return false; and ask for Dom. He has bad hair but is an awesome bloke who will sort you out with all you need - travel, accomoodation, gear etc. highly recommend you look him and the place up.


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You can check out" onclick=";return false;, good website which has a search function, says which kiteboarding destinations are good in which month.. lots of info about all destinations too.
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Good effort cheddaz...
Did you all notice how west oz keeps popping up :-D
I moved to west oz , Margaret River to surf just over 20 yrs ago from Cornwall .
You are able to kite from nov thru till April . I am a newbie to kiting and its given me the opportunity
to have even more watertime !! :-D
Kiteboarder members can email me for info
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There are more days of kiteable wind in Cape Town in November than there are in January. Not saying it isn't windy in January, it is just that it is even windier in November!!

If anyone fancies coming to Cape Town in November our room rates are lower and we do special deals if you come for a while. We also have a special deal for British Kitesports members (1st day free out of 7 and first 2 days free out of 10).

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