Board recommendations: Twin tip, intermediate 80kg rider, general-use board, ~£500

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Hi all, I’m looking for some recommendations for a board.
I’ve been riding for about 7 years, mostly flat-ish water (my spots are varied, mostly Camber, Bantham, Aberdovey, Sheppey) - I’ll occasionally play in waves but prefer riding fast in lagoons.
I suppose I’m “freeride” - I enjoy jumping high-ish (~4m, if that’s high??) but not really interested in tricks.
I have a quiver of North Rebel kites. 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m. Mostly ride on the 9 and 12 though also love high wind days with the 6 and the occasional summer session on the 15.
I'm 80kg, 6 foot tall.

My current board (and only one I’ve ever ridden on) is the 1st one I bought 2nd hand - an ancient Slingshot Ignition 144 board. Looks like 2009 from an image search. Seems to have a pretty big rocker on it, and wider in the middle than ends.
Board has generally been fine, though it's unforgiving if I don't have weight solidly on back foot at speed - front tip will dig in and I'll cartwheel. Anyway, the foot strap finally went on last session, so it's time to upgrade.

I guess I'm looking for something pretty "standard" - for general riding and not specialised to anything in particular.

Any recommendations around the £500 mark?

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