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Hey people, I'm looking for another board for the lighter wind days, I also ride an fone skate, great but I need something with a bit more buoyancy and a slightly squarer profile to help with upwind tracking, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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How much do you weigh, whats kites do you have and whats your current board...
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So what you are looking for is a lightwind twin tip rather than a race or surfboard?
The Shinn King George is a good choice and comes in two sizes, so there should be one to suit your bodyweight/size. The KG will give you a few extra knots low end but still feels pretty manoeuvrable. The board handles chop very nicely and you won't notice any difference when say switching to toeside but it will 'stick' more to the water when jumping - which is to be expected. I don't just use it for the lightwind days, it's a good board to have on the beach when the wind is not quite in the sweet spot for a given kite size but you don't want to go to the next kite up in your quiver. When it's gusty it can help keep you planing during the lulls and works well with a small kite in that respect.
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Shinn King George for "light wind FREESTYLE" may not be a great choice. The KG is a low wind freeride board (general crusing and carving ect). The the unhooked pop is poor, manouvarability is average to poor, flex is average. I rode one and tried s-bends, f16's and handlepasses on it and it sucked at all of them...just my opinion based on the title, maybe you are after a general lightwind board of which the KG is worth considering (if that make much sense :? )
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