Body-dragging frustrations!

Need help getting upwind or nailing that powered back mobe? Ask your 'how to' questions here.
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Thanks again to everyone on here for these great tips, this thread has been absolutely fantastic. I now put my hand deeper and bend my elbow which reduces strain, setting a target point was brilliant, I sheet out in stronger winds, and I think I point less steeply against the wind than before. I've not had any problems lately, although I've not lost the board in comparable conditions. Not sure I'd have gone out in those conditions at all without knowing the tips in this thread, and I print it before every trip abroad.

In the conditions I'm struggling with, in strong (for me) wind and waves, a leash isn't an option.
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phil5556 wrote:I used to struggle quite a bit as I used to try and do really short tacks to keep close to it. Once someone had told me to go a long way away from it (which is still not a nice feeling at all!) I usually get it on the second tack now.

i was going to say this longer tacks not short ones, i also found it odd at first but it is no different to when i did dingy sailing to get as close to a bouy, marker in a race. it all comes togeather in the end, i think short is hard work by the time you tack you just lost another 2meters it just adds up from there. when longer you can use your arm / leg as a rudder and trim as needed to drag past to grab it. i was lazy of late used a real, but now i am looking to do jumps it's got to go.
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