unhooked kiteloops

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mark @ east beach
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i finally plucked up the courage to start doing some unhooked kiteloops i decided to go for the fishing pole technique so i couldn't bottle it half way but the kite just seamed to spin on a dime not creating any power & back stall almost falling out of the sky i tried this a few time's all with the same out come a mate even had a go but he had no luck either .
the kite is a 2009 12m slingshot rpm which i ride on the wake style set up.

any tip's or advice would be great thanks Mark
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You need to depower the kite first, like you should for normal unhooked stuff - otherwise when you unhook it is oversheeting & will do exactly what you describe.
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Were you a bit underpowered on the 12m? In lighter winds bigger bridled kites can often backstall on the way up after the loop as you describe.
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Speed and timing. You need to unhook with a bit of speed and progressively send the kite back while progressively edging harder - you hold the bar in the same position all the time and use timing and edging to control the loop. If you release too early the kite will just spin without power, to late and the bar will be ripped from your hands.

In my experience depowering the kite for a kiteloop isn't as critical as for other unhooked moves because if done properly you hook back in before the kite gets a chance to stall, especially if you are using the fishpole technique.

The main problem with kiteloops is trying them underpowered, just doesn't really work as the kite will stall slot easier

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Yeah agree with above, you were probly underpowered. Just got to grow some nuts and pull one fairly powered.
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i have been doing these for a few sessions now, awesome fun when you get the balls to do them when you are really powered. But I have been having the problem of the bar being ripped out my hands, after 2 days of kiting my forearms are ruined. Never had a problem before, but i just go into them like i would railey then grab the otherside of the bar edge up to pop. Actually here is a video of me screwing it up, i was trying so hard to hold on to the bar http://vimeo.com/17148959

I must admit my mates thought it was hilarious with me going head first into the water and smashing the kite into the water
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the depower is a good tip stops it stalling - but the chap in the video,although hes got both hands on one side of the bar, isnt actually fishpoling - hence why it just crashed. You have to point he other end of the bar at the kite. I Have the 14 rpm which is a hoot to loop unhooked - even in light winds - so the 12 should be a doddle. One thing that might help - what bar do you have? a longer bar def helps on a big kite.
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hey skiffman,

i can tell exactly where your going wrong from your vid,

check out where your kite is, from what i can see your kite is roughly at 11 maybe lower.
you need it at 12 then hold your edge for as long as possible which shouldnt be to hard judging from that amazin place your kitin .in return youll get a high an controlled loop,
have the kite too low an you get feck all height yet if you manage to hang on get yanked horizontal.

when your well powered an find it hard to unhook with kite at 12. unhook when jus past 11 ( sounds daft but will take few tries to find best spot with your kites) then twitch it up to 12 then edge................. release, look cool, land..

hope that helps,
it may be a bit me me but maybe someone will agree/disagree
try it

cheers k.w
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hey guys, we made a page that brings together all of the best Unhooked Kiteloop tutorials: http://stomptricks.com/tricks/unhooked-kiteloop/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Hope that helps!
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