lovely floating transitions

Need help getting upwind or nailing that powered back mobe? Ask your 'how to' questions here.
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Hi there.

I cant seem to get the floating transition sorted.

Can anyone give me a step by step, looks cool , i wanna get it nailed.

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Assuming you already know how to jump (if not, learn basic jumps first):

1) Approach at moderate speed, kite at about 2 or 10 o'clock (depending on which way you're doing it). Hands evenly spaced on the bar.
2) Gradually edge up into the wind. This will have the effect of slowing you down (which is what you want). It will also create tension in the lines (the other thing you want, for lift)
3) When you have slowed down enough (you will get a feel for when this is), sharply pull on your back hand to bring the kite quickly to 12. Do not go past 12. At the same time, give the board an extra aggressive edge and push off your back foot to pop out of the water. If you're on a high depower kite you can also simultaneously pull on the bar to get a bit of extra lift.
4) You should now be in the air.
5) Hold the kite at 12 until you are about 5-6ft off the landing.
6) Redirect the kite hard in the opposite direction to the one you were travelling in.
7) Point board at kite to land and ride off.

The key to the trick is slowing down enough so that you don't pendulum under the kite but not slowing so much that you get no lift. Good luck & keep trying :)
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honestly its all in the carve as you leave the water... try and use this to take out your directional-momentum, that way you dont loose half the kites power acting as a big air break.. then a nice big hard redirect on the way down and your off.
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yeah what Marcus said. if you're a bit under done & you're boggin a bit on landing, keep pulling the kite round once you land & loop it for some momentum in the new direction.

I like the variety of transitions you can achieve in kiting. there's always something subtle you can keep adding to with practice...
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Try and ride more dynamically than ever before, most people don't and just dingle dangle.
Throw yourself into the opposite direction of your initial travel when you pop, ram your back foot in and spring off it back the way you came! Then pull hard on the back/ new front hand just before you land and it will be mega smooth!
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