Jumping Technique

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I have been having problems getting a consistant jumping technique and have been trying diffrent things like sending the kite faster or slower with not much luck. This was getting very frustrating until yesterday when something clicked as i was heading out at the start of my session.
I realised that i have been watching my kite as it moves across the window when doing a jump. I now think because of this i was not edging like you should and not building any tension in my lines. Now just by sending the kite and keeping my head in the direction of travel it means i am building the tension in the lines and then realeasing my edge when i feel the pull.
This now seems so obvious that to put tension in your lines you need to edge and by looking at the kite and watching it move across the window you would not be edging as hard.
I thought it would be worth putting this on as it seems to have worked for me and and is something that is so easy now i have realised what i was doing wrong.
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its not the same on land as on water obviously but this video tutorial may be of assistance: http://www.pushkiting.co.uk/index.php/t ... p-big.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

On water, as you rightly said: a huge factor of how big you go in the air is determined from your build up to the take off.

People usually go wrong when they haven't flown a fixed bridle before and rely on just pulling the bar in to jump which is incorrect.
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Nice sharing
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