313 leash troubles

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Hi, just a quickie! So when I' doing a 313 or just pop an 360 off a kicker I always gotta make sure my leash is coming round the front of me so when I rotate and handle pass I don't get wrapped up in it. When I finish the trick its now coming round the back of me which means I cant do the same trick that direction or do another rotation. Whats the solution? I've seen some riders throw the leash over their head as they do they make the handle pass but not every one. Cheers
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That seems the wrong way around. a 313 is a frontside rotation, so prior to the trick you have the leash going from the back of your harness around your back hip toward the bar.

Frontside 3 = railey to toe + 180degrees = 313
Backside 3 = railey to blind + 180degrees = BJ3

Once you've completed whichever trick you're doing, the leash will be on the other hip. Just pull the leash over your head and you're good to have another attempt :)
Putting the leash over your head mid-trick is an olay or a spin - its not really a handlepass - if the leash (and bar) have already gone over your head, you don't need to pass the handle :)
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There's a Guy here who always olays his 313, it looks awesome. Another solution would be to handle pass or just pop a nifty surface pass, in the other direction to un-wind.
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