Landing to blind unhooked

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I'm having trouble landing unhooked stuff to blind like raley to blind or even just a pop to blind with a pass. As soon as I land in blind my kite just loops and pulls me out of blind into a crash. Have not come close to passing the bar yet anyone know whats going wrong? In videos people seem to be able to ride along in unhooked blind with the kite remaining in the same place even though 1 hand on bar but I cant go 2 feet without my hand pulling kite into a downloop.

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You need to be going like the clappers, as fast as possible, straight towards the kite, so there's some slack in your lines, and also try to have your hand in the centre of the bar. Make the pass ASAP before you start to slow down.
Also, it helps to start with the kite quite high, so that there is some scope for it to move down when you let go with your back hand.
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put index finger and middle finger of your front hand either side of the depower rope - maybe take a step back and just do a load of surface passes till you can do them consistently without looping the kite?

even if you do loop it - you should still be able to absorb it as long as you ride away downwind :wink:
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K thanks for the info will try to put into practice just try and get as much slack in the lines as possible with speed/downwind and make the pass really fast hopefully will get it soon:) Have not been doing many surface passes since I first learnt them so may practice them more as well get them really dialed.
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As above, also put your steering settings on slow & pull on some depower to make your back lines slacker. This will slow your kites reaction to accidental bar inputs.

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I realise that this post is a little old but hey i'm having the same problem.

I saw this video and thought it might be a good intermediate step.

however when she talks about popping round without carving up wind, I come unstuck, how do I pop off the wind as she describes?

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