Raleys takeoff?

Need help getting upwind or nailing that powered back mobe? Ask your 'how to' questions here.
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2 questions folks:

When attempting my first raleys, should I be using the normal load and pop style or should it be a more wakeboard takeoff style?

Secondly, should I be looking to get my shoulders right back to the water before takeoff (like wakeboarding)?

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Re pop - kinda depends on your board. I ride a monk and find a quick, hard J carve works best for me. Other people / boards respond better to a hard edge and back foot stomp. As for leaning super far back - you don't need to nearly as much. Obviously you still want your shoulders back, elbows tucked in and hands close together but you don't need to try and get your shoulder blades in the water :) I think popping for a Raley is way easier behind a kite than on the cable, but I guess I would as I probably kite 50 times for every cable session!
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Personally I go for the carve and stomp method, but I ride a gambler which is a bit different from a shinn. I wouldn't worry about how far you lean back at first as long as you lean back a little and don't bend at the waist. Just concentrate on getting the board popping right.
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