relaunching using 5th line and gloved wet hands!

Need help getting upwind or nailing that powered back mobe? Ask your 'how to' questions here.
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Just got back riding Vegas`s again which i`m really enjoying. Dropped them a few times and relaunching pulling the 5th line and then a back line works well to relaunch.

Only problem is with gloves on and wet (obviously!) hands, pulling the 5th line is not that easy!

I ride suicide for unhooked tricks, so can`t pull my leash as its attached to my chicken loop aswell as the 5th line.

Any tips on pulling it through easily!

Its ok in flat water, but i imagine in waves could get trickier!

Cheers, Mike
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I nearly invented the ultimate pair of kiting gloves - except I'd had a few too many scoops and was a bit overzealous.
I had a pair of 5mm lobster mitts - they were unwearable because of the insane arm pump they caused after about 2 minutes.
I cut the palms out of them - and a good portion of the fingers too - this is where I slipped up - I should have left a couple of inches of finger space - sadly, as I chopped too much out, my little fingers keep popping out, which is somewhat annoying.

That said - they are still the best gloves I have ever had, and I will do the same again next time, with more care, and less beer.

Get yourself a pair of these Lobster mitts - 30%! - and cut the palms out, and a little bit of the fingers. Leave the thumb.

With them like this, they keep your hands nice and toasty still, completely cut out the windchill as they are single lined - but its really easy to get your fingers in & out if you need to do any line related activity - then pop them back in. It works very well indeed.
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Ha - i do actually have some of those already and they do work really well actually -

These ones - ... 2994-p.asp

I think the day i was having trouble, i was wearing full gloves (which i hate!). Think i just need to man up a bit and wear the open palm ones more in cold!
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Add a ball to your 5th line where it attaches to the suicide ring.
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JGTR wrote:Add a ball to your 5th line where it attaches to the suicide ring.
This won't work as the ball won't move more than an inch or 2 at the most because the scucide ring is attached to the chicken loop. If you put a smaller ring just above the suicide ring on the 5th line and have bit of rope long enough for a grab so when you pull on the ring the 5th line will run through it. I'm not sure how much rope you need to pull on for your kite but I know on my flexifoil needed a good bit to get the kite to roll on its back.
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