Crash erm need some help to understand why please

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1st off I am wishing Lewis all the best with his big crash in SA this week.. but watching him reminded me of my crash ( clearly no where near as high as Lewis ) but the same thing coming in at 45degree angle! only this Saturday..

I jumped nice, nice pop.. got airborne nice.. ( Bracklesham ) drifted nice...then when I am about to send the kite I started to rotate anti clock wise.. nothing I could do.. except go with it and then I very much came in like Lewis at the redbull event.. ... 629492703/

I think I felt about 10% of what Lewis felt.. and that was enough for me!! ouch still feeling it 3 days later...

anyway.. any feed back would be great thanks. I don't want to do that again ... :|
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Lewis's crash happened because the kite stalled and did not get above him, leaving him to fall into the water from a great height, if you take into consideration the speed he was already carrying that's a huge hit!
I'd guess that as you had started to rotate you redirected the kite too aggressively - when rotating it is hard to judge kite redirection and it's quite common to pull on one side of the bar without realising due to the rotation, quite often causing the kite to loop. Very common when learning back rolls.
I had a similar problem years ago, used to rotate on every jump, I used to just leave the kite where it was and just land/crash backwards - I found if I tried to fly the kite when rotating it all went wrong.
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You don't say which way you were travelling before boosting, so it's hard to say - was it a forward or backward rotation that started?. I'm guessing that you were on a starboard tack (right foot forward), and started on an involuntary front rotation (which would be anticlockwise)? I'm also guessing that once you noticed the unwanted rotation you didn't bother redirecting the kite very much (if at all), preferring it to stay above you and slow down your descent/ cushion your imminent crash landing?
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