Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Harness, neoprene, accessories and trick bitz etc.
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Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by russbates »

I will be impressed if anyone can answer this but perhaps someone can put me in contact with a slingshot distributor!

My question is, is it possible to purchase the part which allows the center lines rotate as seen on the 2010 slingshot bar. Really like the feature but don't have the cash to fork out for new bars for my Rev's. Was perhaps thinking i could add it to my current bars if the part were available!

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Re: Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by foil_kitesurfer »

The part I believe your are refereeing to is featured in this video 19 seconds in.
As for it's availability to be purchased as a spare part you need to talk to these guys. (Slingshot distributor) (Slingshot Dealer)
I trust you are impressed :-)

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Re: Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by G-Bru »

Hmmmm, you'd be lucky if you do get one! I mailed the Slingshot Hotline support to ask them if I would be able to upgrade my current DD2 bar with the new bits on the Comp Stick bar, the reply was a NO, will not be available to do so till maybe middle/end of 2010. :(


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Re: Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by bri »

yep also contacted slingshot about this. They are concentrating on getting full bars out at the mo and the part is expensive to produce. also the lines would need adjusting and by the time you've done all that you might as well just buy the new bar

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Re: Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by Surface 2 Air Sports »

yer we have them in stock give me a call on 07813435833 and ill get it sorted for ya.. i have all parts for Slingshot 2010 in stock now.


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Re: Slingshot spinning centre line part!

Post by waverider »

That bar is so damn-good, has to be the best bar and lines on the market.

To be aspired to.

I wonder if the spinning and moving parts are sand and salt tested for endurance yet ?

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