Westshore, Llandudno

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Westshore, Llandudno...

Conditions: Flatwater, Chop and Crazy Swell

Kitesurf launch: at the North end of the beach opposite the Pen Morfa hotel (Gogarth Abbey Hotel)

Parking: due to the rich twats who have their poncy beachside homes next to the hotel and overlooking the sewage treatment building (Ha, bet that wasn't in the brochure!) parking has now been restricted next to the designated kitesurfing area! pay attention to the signs!

Accomodation: Pen Morfa Hotel, choice of approx 2million other hotels in Llandudno. Bring your gran, she'll love it!

Hazards: :!: At high tide, make sure you are confident at staying upwind as beginners get washed up on the sea defence wall. Best to wait an hour till there is enough space.
:!: A very dodgy launch if it's a high tide. Only attempt it if you are very competant and have someone to hold onto you and someone to launch your kite. Always launch with your kite towards the water!!!
:!: A few small rocks to watch out for as the tide goes out.
:!: Submerged barnacle covered rocks at the end of the Groyne - watch out as the tide goes out.
:!: At low tide, if you are riding in the channel running NW to SE be aware that you are now upwind of the groyne!

Works on wind directions: SW through to NW (Sailable on SSW but gusty, OK on NNW but gusty too.

Permit Required: Yes. See Turbulence for latest info.

Location: Westshore

General: Big Westerly facing bay. Channels forming as tide receeds.

At high tide there is some super smooth flatwater behind the groyne but it can get busy on a SW because it blows into the launch area of the bay. and everyone loves to get in behind the groyne for some big boosting.

The rest of the bay is choppy until the channels form and then it goes nice and flat again.

When the tide is out you can walk right out if you want, but bear in mind that the tide moves at walking pace so it can be a long walk and you can get stranded easily if something goes wrong and you have to walk back in![/b]
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