Pensarn / Abergele

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Pensarn, Abergele...

Conditions: Flatwater, Monster Chop and Crazy Swell

Kitesurf launch: Right in front of the carpark.

Parking: Anywhere on the top of the beach on the pebbles

Accomodation: Campsites within walking distance

Hazards: :!: At high tide, the water is up against the pebblebank and there are hidden groynes and wooden spikes. IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO RIDE HERE AT HIGH TIDE UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE ALL THE NASTIES ARE!!!

:!: Some VERY slippy clay deposits under the pools left as the tide receeds! This gets amusing when walking to the water powered up as you end up arse dragging with increasing speed toward whatever is downwind. Downwind often includes the groynes and wooden spikes that were hidden by the tide earlier!

:!: There is a railway track behind the beach... if you go out at low tide, you have a good 200m of beach, a pebblebank, 50m of carpark area and a wall before you meet the hourly Virgin service to Holyhead!

:!: If that doesn't get you, remember to look both ways before crossing the road!

:!: This beach is rumoured to be a bit of a "cruisers" meeting ground! Having said this I have never seen or heard of anyone getting approached by strange men whilst getting in or out of their wetsuit. It is probably worth playing safe tho and getting changed as quickly as possible and, if you have to moon, be discreet and swift and clench at all times!

Works on wind directions: W Through to ENE. Big swell when it's been blowin hard Northerly. Waves are very close together so it's a tricky spot for beginners.

Permit Required: No

Location: Pensarn

General: Despite the final hazard mentioned above, this spot is great if you come from Chester way and are desparate for an after work session when there is enough daylight.

The waves can be great fun but they are challenging. This spot is great for Northerly winds when you don't want to trek all the way to Lligwy. Generally quite a hardcore spot tho especially in 20knots+

The tide does leave flat channels between sandbars as it receeds, but watch out for submerged hazards as the water is often silty-brown and 2cm deep looks the same as 2meters deep!

Ideal spot for beginners from West Kirby area because if you lose any kit there it will drift back to Hoylake and you can pick it up on your way home!
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