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WARNING TO ALL KITESURFERS and other beach users!

REMEMBER some of these basic crime prevention rules, ACT NOW before it happens to you!

About your vehicle
REMOVE all valuables from sight in your unattended vehicles.
SECURE all vehicle windows, doors and boot
ACTIVATE all vehicle security devices (immobilisers, steering locks, alarms)
DO NOT make it easy for any thief and leave vehicle keys anywhere around the vehicle.
PARK sensibly in areas of open view.

Whilst on the beach
DO NOT leave any valuables, keys or equipment in unattended bags.
If in doubt, SECURE all your valuables and kit in a locked vehicle out of sight (if possible).

General information
BEWARE of stranger or suspicious characters hanging around the car parks at our local beaches. Especially, anyone who appears to be too curious and asking questions about how much your kitesurfing equipment costs.
Get yourself a waterproof Aquapac or similar product for your vehicle keys.

If you put in place some of these basic rules and they may help prevent you becoming another crime statistic.
So lets help each other prevent and support crime reduction by keeping your valuables safe at all times.

You never know who is watching your kit whilst you are out kitesurfing.

If you see anything suspicious please contact
South Wales Police 999 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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Nice one Howard,

Let's see if we can get a local member to attend the local PACT meeting to raise the issues of security at Aberavon. Let's use the official systems in place.

Nice effort, let's hope we can make a difference.
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