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Team/Shop Rider
Team/Shop Rider
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Rhosneigr, Anglesey...

Conditions: Wave spot.. get's big on SW.

Kitesurf launch: In front of Funsports shop. Ask in the shop where the rocks are and any other hazards dependant on conditions.

Parking: On the street leading down to the beach.

Accomodation: Campsites and hotel.

Hazards: :!: For up-to-date info, speak to Funsports...
:!: Rocks around launch spot... make sure you know where they are whether they are submerged or not and keep your distance.

Works on wind directions: Almost every direction is sailable but SW is best!

Permit Required: No

Location: Rhosneigr

General: Rhosneigr is a large SW facing bay that gets some of the best swell in North Wales. The wind can get fierce at this long renowned windsurfing spot. There will always be someone here to offer advice and Funsports are right on the beach if you break any kit!

Hopefully someone who knows this spot better is going to add to this post as I don't sail at Rhosneigr regularly.
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Just a quick word on Rhosneigr from Alex @ FKS the kitesurfing school on LAUNCHING in Rhosneigr:
After a whole season of trying to make kiters understand that the area between the shop and the next road down towards Valley is NOT a safe area to launch! You'd think that quoting the cardinal rule: "Do not launch within 50m of any obstacle" would be enough, but no, there are still many who believe they are invincible and invisible, (the latter because if some newbie sees you launch there, he'll think it's fine to do so himself...).
Enough is enough, if you want Rhosneigr to remain a "free" spot, respect the few rules of common sense!
The only safe spots on a south westerly:
Way off to the left, knees deep in the water or
Dowwind from the rocks, way off to the right.
When in doubt do no hesitate to contact us at FKS or Funsport!
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I'm currently, supposedly, on a kite road trip.Found some fantastic down the line kitesurfing in France,but now looks like best wind in Europe or Africa is in your back garden..thinking jumping in van and spending week in Rhosneigr.Presumably there will be people out during the week?
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