Bala Lake

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john malone
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any one have a go on Bala Lake - you see lots of people kitesurf on lakes elsewhere around the world , and this isn't a little one ... -

what with the new 100 % depower - easy self launch kites like the Sonic's etc , maybe ok - any thoughts ??
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Team/Shop Rider
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Adam did a risk assessment for them one time... the road around the edge and train tracks didn't get the venue off to a good start and the launch area is a bit rocky so I think they banned it. If it was onshore at the launch then it could get really dangerous if it's gusty. I don't know what the wind does there but they sail and windsurf there. Could still be gusty tho.

There may be some other lakes that are a bit safer but I'm not sure... lakes are bound to be even colder than the sea!
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There's Llyn Celyn (Treweryn) just up the road near the canoe / kayak centre. Tree lined, rock beaches etc. for most of it. There's an area at the far end where I've seen canoes etc. (near a YMCA?) and a bigger, clearer area. Probably still not a recommended option. Its owned by the water authority I think.

Other options would be Llyn Trawsfynydd, Tal y Llyn and Llyn Brenig (def. banned) but I don't think you'd get very far on these ones.

Better option is to travel the extra 20 - 25 miles down to the coast where you have the options of Black Rock Sands (Morfabychan), Harlech, Shell Island and further down Aberdyfi.
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Mark O'dea used to regulary kite on Bala, until they caught him. With Tywyn only 40 minuites away, I recon its always worth the extra drive!
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10 years on this there still a restriction at Bala? easier to travel to Blackrock, what a venue that is, but if working in Bala, nice to have an hour after work locally.
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