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IMPORTANT *** Blackrock Sands ***
(Power Kite Sports Federation)

Dear Power kiter

As I am sure you are all aware there are currently a number of issues which have been voiced in the local papers and at town council meetings, concerning the use of Blackrock Sands by power kiters.

During the increase in popularity of power kite sports over the last couple of years, this location has been one many locations for land activities.
With a long expanse of sand which is ideal for all kiting activities this is a location that we need to keep open for all.

Having spoken to the local Maritime Officer, who is responsible for the safe operation of the beach, the PKSF have been discussing the usage of the beach and possible controls of it.

Whilst the Maritime officer is happy to see kiters using the location he has to protect and represent the opinions of the local residents. Since the beach opened its gates to kiters in October he has received a large amount of complaints. The local council are pushing for a total ban on the beach and currently feel that their hand is being forced.
We have a small opportunity to try and rectify the situation whilst we still have a chance.

We have drawn together a series of guidelines for the beach and its useage. It appears that most of the complaints are based around three areas of concern:

1. The blocking of the sand roadway with equipment or vehicles

2. The flying of kites and the use of traction equipment in close proximity to members of the public

3. Arrogant, rude or aggressive attitudes towards the local residents.

Whilst we appreciate that there are two sides to every story, theses issues are serious ones which can be easily rectified.

All kiters who use this location have a responsibility for the attitude and behaviour displayed on the beach. The system we have devised is a basic guidelines system designed to protect both kiters and members of the public.

However it is all down to you. If you decide to enforce these guidelines at the beach and control the behaviour of others then we may have an opportunity to continue our dialogue with the council and Maritime dept to maintain access to the beach. If things continue as they are then the council will impose and enforce and old bylaw which stops all wind powered vehicles on the beach.

The Maritime officer has also asked that if an event, or a large number of kiters, are intending to visit Blackrock on a particular weekend, then it would be best that he is contacted with details as far in advance as possible (

He feels that he can then publish these details locally and make local residents aware of the event and the fact that the beach will be busy that weekend.

With the current situation we are at a very precarious point and we need to avoid the creation of any issues with the local residents or the beach wardens.

By kiting safely and responsibly and showing a courteous and polite attitude towards the local environment and residents we can hopefully maintain sympathetic useage of this wonderful location for all beach users.

The discussions are underway and we may have a light at the end of the tunnel but please think carefully about your actions and those of others around you.

If you have any suggestions for the location and its management or if you have an event/ number of kiters coming to the location, then please contact

I look forward to your support and commitment towards this scheme.

Best regards
Adam Jones
PKSF Head Trainer

Contacts for events or details:

Powerkite Activities Guidelines for Blackrock Sands

The following are a set of guidelines that all powerkiters using Blackrock Sands should follow. These apply to all kite activities including static flying, kite buggying, kite land boarding, kitesurfing.

• All kiters must carry 3rd party liability insurance and have details of their insurance available for inspection
• Each kiter is responsible for the safe operation of their equipment at all times
• Kites should be set out a minimum of 3 line lengths from the sand dunes, keeping the sand roadway clear at all times
• Kiters should not use the sand roadway for flying or traction activities
• Always leave a safe zone of 2 line lengths from the parked cars whilst flying
• All kiters should wear appropriate safety equipment whilst kiting
• All kiters should use an active leash system on their kite
• Kiters should give way to cars at all times
• Please allow plenty of room when passing a member of the public
• Kiters should ensure that all kites are launched or landed a minimum of 2 line lengths seaward of the sand roadway.
• Kiters should refrain from kiting at times when there is less than 2 line lengths of clear space from the sand roadway

General beach guidelines

• Please respect the natural area and keep it clean and in good condition
• Do not camp on the beach
• Tidy your rubbish, if you bring it with you then take it home
• Be aware of the tides and leave plenty of time to get you and your vehicle off the beach
• Please adhere to all advice from the beach wardens
• If you are approached by any member of the public please be polite and courteous at all times.
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