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john malone wrote:just come back from a week there ( End of July start August ) - YES you can kitesurf there , I asked the beach wardens and they said ok in the summer as long as you stay away from the swimmers zone . One plus was that I had 9mtr most of the time so the beach was empty of folk most of the week , speaking to one jet skier he told me that this was the case when its windy , also the wardens tend not to charge the £3 to drive onto the beach then .

NO LAND BASED KITING stuff tho - they are strict on this
Yes BRS is best when winds up as it keeps the Bucket Brigade away :)
No land based stuff between Easter and October I think???
Shame as they allow you to drive on the beach ALL YEAR ROUND and there is LOADS of space and I mean LOADS.

Still have fun there, Jon
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Sounds perfect John, I'll give it a try after-all. Thanks for the update.
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