FAQ - Boards Lost at Sea and Maritime Law...

What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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Copy of JohnM's post on the main forum....
http://www.kiteboarder.co.uk/kitesurfin" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ... hp?t=19128

I reposted it here for reference...
the LAW:

1. a kiteboard found at sea is not 'SALVAGE' because it is not a vessel that would support your weight (there might be some argument in the case of a large windsurf board - but defo NOT a kiteboard)

2. a kiteboard is not 'FLOTSAM' because it has not come from a wreck

3. a kiteboard found at sea is classed as 'LOST PROPERTY' and as such the finder is obliged by law to report it / hand it in to the nearest police station - where if it is not claimed within a certain period - it then becomes their property.

If you need to confirm or refer anyone to the accuracy of this - speak to a charming young lady called Sophie Exelby 02380 329 474 who is the 'Receiver of Wrecks' for the UK.
Dude, where's my board?
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Well worth knowing when I find my lost board for sale on Ebay, I might be able to quote the law and beg my board back for free :-)

That would be nice :wink:
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I lost one of my boards here in Cape Town in March. I saw it come up on Gumtree over a month later, and was pretty much 99.9% sure it was my board.

I contacted the "seller", who took it off immdeiately the next day, which further raised my suspicions. Turns out after I contacted the "seller", again to ask why he so hastily withdrew the ad', that one of his sailing collegues had found it floating 15 nautical miles off the West Coast. as the guy who found it was going out of the country on business, he asked his friend to try and sell the board as apparently he had tried to ask the kiteshops in Blouberg area if anyone had lsot a board.

Anyway.....the one guy agreed the board should rightfully be returned to me as the owner, but her would have to wait til the finder returned to verify he agreed with this. Unfortunately for me, the twunt returned with a different tune, and wanted R2,500 for the return of my board :evil: It was a 2010 Nobile T5 and was only my second time on the bloody thing :(
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