What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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ahh, just a few to keep the guys happy.. they arent in any order, just a selection of shops that i have compiled over the months, from magazines, recomendations, and google searches.

(anyone would think i have too much time on my hands, and that im a crazy list maker... oh.. er.... that would be true!!!) :oops:
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Oh I like lists!
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The new Trick of the week from is "Toeside frontloop"

The direct link to the new video is

Check out all our downloads on this address

Robby Naish shows you how a toeside frontloop should be done.
He is riding a mutant/small directional board but this trick works just as well on any twintip if you can get it right.
The difficult part here is edging your board while going fast, to get a good jump.

The video download with a new trick every week is completely free for everyone.
The tricks are taken directly from the film "The complete kiteboarding guide" and Mark Shinn is explaining all the techniques in great detail.

Tell your friends and let them share the goods as well.

Best regards
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How about a link to KiteFLix videos?
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I would also like to submit the Florida Kitesurfing Association as an excellent resource. It is really extensive and not only about Florida. Rick Iossi runs it. You have mostly likely heard of him, seen his post, articles in the magazines, photos, etc.

check it out!

a wealth of information!
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SBC Kiteboard American Kiteboarding magazine with gear tests.
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here's a new general extreme sports website with a number of kitesurfing videos and other stuff you can add to the list...
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Another weather site," onclick=";return false;
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Contact: - or just KBX - a site dedicated to make you a better kitesurfer through kiteboard specific training. And it's not just for pros. Beginners, waveriders, course racers, wakeskaters, snowkiters, freeriders, new schoolers and old schoolers will all be better kitesurfers with the right training. This site will teach you how to become a stronger and more powerful kiteboarder at your level. This is the site, you can't live without if you want to progress.
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I thought this will add contribution to the discussion... I hope this'll help... Thanks!" onclick=";return false;
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I'll add my ten pence worth. I get a lot of my gear off They have a loyalty sceme which equates to 5% off on every product. So if you buy something for £100 then they give you £5 on your account to use against your next order. Pretty nice way to do business. Check them out:
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Im not sure if that helps you guys because it is a German Kiteshop. This is where I bought my last equipment because they are currently offering a 10% discount on all boards and kites.
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