What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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Kite-sites.com has been overhauled, adding new functionality, and even better, all advertisements are gone :-D

Its now more easier than ever to find those sites which are local to you (including shops and schools), and you can now search for places to kite based on the local wind conditions (although it's cached for an hour) :twisted:

Also thanks to chipmunks wonderful contribution into the section about hazards at you local beach, I've added the ability to instantly check any site simply by clicking a tab.
Image Image

You can also upload images for a site, which was broken on the previous version, as was certain aspects when using IE7 :oops:

A video of the site is below, which guide you through most of the functionality on the site.
If you want to add/change anything feel free, and just follow the three simple step that you're presented with:

Vimeo has a better quality one.

If anyone can update their local sites I'd be grateful :-)
Any bugs/comments leave them here or email me (it should work in all browsers) :-)
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Major update :twisted:
See first post for details :)
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Thank You Chris B
Well done excellent work Image
Too Much Wind
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Hi Chris,

Personally i am not a fan of putting kitesurfing spots on the internet but thats not why i am posting. Having had a quick nose on your site of a few of my local spots it concerns me that on most of them there are restrictions of sorts. Launch areas , swimming zones etc but they are listed as having no restrictions on your site and this just isn't the case. Is this because you have not got the infomation? If so would it not be better to have a default setting as "no infomation" rather than restrictions none? Or perhaps the infomation you have is wrong, i don't know which it is.

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Thanks for sharing the resource site.... The web has thousands of web resource about kitesurfing right now and every learner needs to filter them to get the most useful information...
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