FAQ - Line lengths - what difference does the length make

What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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similar amount of power, but not the same cos the wind speed will be lower (assuming the kite is at the same angle to the ground)

so kite travelling at same speed through wind travelling at lower speed = less apparent wind = less power

and on the shortening lines/one kite method - does work, but yeh within limits - you are not gonna get away with one kite, but you could maybe manage with 2 and about 3 line sets

problem becomes having to adapt to the different behaviour each time you change line lengths.
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I'm very new to kitesurfing but I am studying engineering. So here goes.

Keeping the area of the kite to the wind constant. The force of the wind hitting the kite will be relative to the power generated by the kite because of pressure. Therefore lower wind force (which is relative to velocity and density of air) on kite less pressure less power, obviously. If the wind force is lower closer to the ground then surely shorter lines will create less power.

On the arc theory. If the circumference is shorter because the lines are (think radius of a circle) then the kite will take less time to move from one side of the wind window to the other. That is if the velocity of the kite is the same on short or long lines.

This is where I get confused.

If the force on the kite, exerted by the wind, is lower at lower wind speeds (ie closer to the ground) will this mean that the kite will travel with a slower velocity? Will this compensate for the difference in distance travelled by the kite on short or long lines.

The difficulty I'm having is that I've got little experience of kiting and most centrifugal examples are powered by something in the centre of the circle (arc) not the outside, e.g. a car wheel powered by the axle as oppossed to a kite pushing around a pivot, you.

I'm thinking that on shorter lines the reaction time needed to fly the kite will be less and the relative velocity will be greater because the distance you are seeing the kite move though is less, but the number of degree you turn through is the same in a shorter period of time. But is the wind speed that much lower closer to the ground?

Now I'm confusing myself!!!
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My wife says that it just depends how windy it is!????????
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Lads / ladies, I’m still confused !!!

I have a Naish 07 9m Boxer with 20 inch (51cm) bar and 20m lines. One of my centre lines snapped and I’ve got to get the 2 centre lines replaced.

I’m looking at getting 11m Waroo and see that it has 55cm bar (21.6 inches) which I think has 22m + 3m lines.

I’m wondering if I can use my 9m Boxer 20 inch bar and 20m lines on a 11m Waroo or 11m Waroo 55cm bar with the 22m + 3m lines?
Naish recommend that you don’t go over the 20m lines for the 07 9m Boxer.

What combo lines / kite can I use?
To replace my 20m lines what should I be buying?
What strength / type of lines?

If anyone can through some light on my line dilemma I’d be really grateful.

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