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What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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I have produced this page to monitor the weather in south east london, border of kent, in sidcup. This page monitors the weather from a personal weather station." onclick=";return false; could be useful for kiteboarders/kite flyers in the local area i hope. location could be better, but its on my house, and done as a uni project.


I came across this site when I was looking for sea temp info.

This link has sea temperatures" onclick=";return false;

while this one has wind info overlaid on google maps" onclick=";return false;


The BBC are changing their weather pages and there is a beta link you can look at here:" onclick=";return false;

There is NO wind information on the beta site. Apparently they are looking to improve this information.

I've added a request for them to provide email alerts when certain wind conditions are met.
i.e SW -> SSW and 14 -> 30 mph

I realise it's not likely to happen, but if enough of us request this sort of feature, who knows...

You can add a request at the bottom of the FAQ page here: ... .shtml#q11" onclick=";return false;


p.s If anyone knows a good (No spam) site that does this, please let me know!