Best Kite Surfing Magazine ???

What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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Im looking at buying a subscription to a kitesurfing magazine for my other half for christmas.

Can you tell me the best ones to go for, i might even go for 2!


Max :-D
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As far as I'm aware there are only two available printed..... Kitesurf magazine (probably an ad for it on this site) The other one is Kiteworld.

They don't seem to overlap in content or reviews too much & conveniently they're staggered on which month they come out. So if you opt for both of them your eversogratefulotherhalf will get a spangly magazine thorugh the letterbox every month instead of every two.... :-D
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Don't bother with mags when you got this!" onclick=";return false;
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Which is dead good and free! :-D
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Stance - quarterly - comes with a good dvd
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U cant read Iksurf mag in the bath tho'.. although it is bloody good.

I have subsribed to both of kitesurf and kiteworld - I prefer Kitesurf Mag and have cancelled my sub to Kiteworld.
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