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What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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A while ago I started a website to compare the prices of new kites in webshops.
At this moment there are around 2300 offers at my website of 55 different kitesurfing brands and from more than 150 shops worldwide!

Check for yourself at:

The prices of kitesurfing gear per shop show large differences, but also the prices per country (thanks to the exchange rates).
In many cases the price difference is so large, that even with additional shipping costs, buying your stuff abroad is still cheaper :shock: !

At the website you can select a brand (e.g. F-one, Naish, Cabrinha) and a kite (Bandit 4, Cult etc) and then see the available offers of shops worldwide.
Besides that the currencies of different countries are automatically recalculated to Euros to simplify the comparison (to Pounds will be available soon).

Please let me know what you think about it and tips&suggestions are welcome!
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Surprised no one has commented on this, very clever, people need to remember about import tax from America and so on though. jack
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