Which kite to buy?

What is a kitesurfing resource ?
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A nice link I found on this topic :)

http://kite2012.com/looking-to-buy-a-ne ... to-choose/
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Hi all'

I've got a link from my friend who lives in Thailand and know i'm kitesurfing for as long as i remember myself. Apparently, a new on-line shop was just opened (the "base" is in Thailand") and they offer some great prices. I told him that I live in Tel-Aviv and that this doesn't help me, and he told me that they offer FREE SHIPPING. Already bought 2 harnesses, and planning to buy the Siren for my gal..
Try it guys - http://kbashops.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

See ya'! :bye:
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