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There are two basic voluntary guidelines for kitesurfers on Guernsey beaches as follows:

- Riders should launch in the buoyed channels (South end of Ladies Bay, West end of Pembroke Bay).

- Once launched riders should maintain a distance of 50m from the shore. Note that the channel markers are 25m apart, so there should always be 2 buoys between the rider and the beach.

We have spoken with the Environment Department about the buoyed channels as they are both at the downwind end of the beach when the wind is in the right direction to kitesurf. They are undertaking a review of the situation as the channels are also used by windsurfers and jetskiers, but have verbally agreed that kiters can launch from other parts of the beach so long as it is safe to do so (ie there is no-one within 2 line lengths downwind) and that the rider heads offshore as quickly as possible.

The 50m rule is firm and has been enforced over the summer by representatives of the Environment Department who spent some time monitoring the beaches and reprimanding any offendors. Over the winter (Oct-Apr), the rules still apply, but the buoyed channels are sometimes removed.

We have a good relationship with the local authorities and they would rather keep the rules volumtary, so please help us to keep it that way!
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The other week a windsufer went out buy the cup & saucer and broke his mast. diched it and came in on his board and didn't tell anyone.
the mast was later found on the beach and airsearch was called out.
it was very dificult to track down the owner. but he was luckly found ashore.
The lifeboat was on stby.
Morale off the story is. if you lose somthing tell the harbour office. that way they know, if it is found and can save a lot of time money and not have to endager the lives of the Lifeboat & airsearch.
Also you may get it back. Kites arent cheap!

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