Photographic information suppliers/printers/information etc

All the latest from the world of digital photography and video.
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Ok starting a list of useful photography sites equipment, advice etc

INFORMATION ..... latest info from the camera world. tests info forums etc WANT TO KNOW THE LATEST RELEASES LOOK NO FURTHER OFTEN ON HERE BEFORE OFFICIAL RELEASE .....tests, reader critiques on your pics, comps etc .....list of photographic sites

Printers printer of photographic images on various mediums professional photographic printers canvas prints, mousemats, variety of othe things at a good price

Suppliers of Accessories underwater housings and splash covers ... using.html .....same as above .....allsorts of accessories massive range

Suppliers of Cameras and Accessories All camera equipment and telescpoes mainly telescopes now but very reliable supliers (my local shop) All camera equipment on board video cameras media cards

more to come later if anyone has any good sites then let us know!!
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Camera Systems
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botn done... added to list :wink:
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nice one haven't seen that before will add!!
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Hi Ian. for all photo information and an excellent forum offering lots of help and critique.

Online Shop, professional shop/service centres nationwide & professional equipment hire (lens, camera) really helpful shop and online site, got me out of a few real binds!

Camera equipment insurance (more of these would be helpful!)

uk camera repairs - Fixation (Offical Canon Repairer and warranty repair station)


Brand Rep'
Brand Rep'
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My wife has a grahics design business.

She also do photography.
We can do canvas prints from £30.
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hello - thats me!

discounts for anyone who mentions KITEBOARDER!

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This is a great site for camera reviews" onclick=";return false;
and this site for up to date prices on cameras and lenses" onclick=";return false;.
Remember if you are going to spend a few quid on the latest gear that Jessops do interest free for up to 1 year but you need to ask in the shop .
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Ian - where do you recommend for B&W develop & print?

I used to use Colab until they went bust.

I have used Metro but they are eye-wateringly expensive.

Where now?

It is mainly wedding stuff (as an am). I tend to shoot colour on my D40 / 28-105 and B&W on my F-601.

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Hey North Wind (James ??? )

sorry only just seen this

dont recomend anyone now ...... colab were ok but theres now loads that can do really good prints providing your calibrated properly (even photobox can produce half decent prints)

With Back and white its even more difficult especially when shot on digi ? you need to desaturate (but this can still give colour tones ) or make it grey scale but then its down to the printer.
Shooting on film I could develop my own or I started to use the B& W film that was processed c41 ilford xp2 but i havent picked up a film camera in ........ ooooo ages now.

Must admit havent done a wedding for quite a while now (I WAS CHANGING DIRECTION) but portrait stuff I tend to print myself on archival papers (have an epson A3) other than that a lot of my clients now buy my time and they get the images on disc to do with what they want.

So in short ......... sorry cant help

try (website), leeds photo visual, calumet, or even jessops for info (they usually know who the local pro's use )

All the best
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Ian," onclick=";return false; is great for fun cards, business cards and that sort of thing. It can be linked to a flickr account for easy processing/picking of images. I used them for my business cards, good prices and delivered within a few days.
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