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please can people recommend a good quality video recorder and one that takes good still photoes

must have anti wobble - id like to shoot kite action and make film clips and general family frolics - i was very disappointed with a camera i purchsed three years ago for £350 as picture quality was not great and lack of anti wobble made shooting water action poor imagery

any recomendations and what kind of price range am i looking at to produce quality film action

thanks mart
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I'd be interested to know too.

I've read that the frame rate is important so that action shots aren't jerky....

The GoPro HD quality is fantastic but it's a bit of a one trick pony in that it has no view finder, zoom function etc etc...

The new SLR's (Canon 500D etc) have decent video recorder functions now but the auto focus is a bit there's the waterproofing issue...

Anyone used the HD Waterproof Xacti CA-100? It looks like it might fit the bill with a frame rate of 60fps recording in 720p HD?
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Definatly worth you looking at the new bread of SLR. Our 350D broke on holiday and we are waiting for the insurance money, when it comes in we are going to get a 550D, or something better if our budget can stretch. The Xacti sounds good, I have the old non HD one and it was very tough. Would be interested in seeing what it is like shooting at 60fps must have a sensitive sensor otherwise you need so much light when shooting at that speed.

At the moment my main video recorder is a Sony HDR-HC3. I bought it off ebay for about £200 last year and it came with waterproof housing, tripod, and loads of other accesories. By todays standards it abit old hat, shooting on HD film but the quality is still good enough. It will also shoot at 60fps but only for 3 seconds...
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canon 550d
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550 definately worth the little bit extra if you're keen for good stuff. Only problem is the focusing on the 550, xacti much better for just point and shoot but the 550 offers much better quality if you're prepeared for the hassle of getting the settings right etc and dealing with the non realtime autofocus issues.

Other than that go for a more focused digital camcorder that shoots stills aswell, canon legria range posibly?
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urmmm which ones :roll:

just want decent zoom anti wobble and good quality uploads cos its hard getting good quality filming outback

ty all mart
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