Speed Websites

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Speed Websites

Post by commissoiner »

Just wondering which websites you use to upload your speeds to now?

The one i used to use appears to have stopped working now! http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/ the kitesurfing side to this site! and before that it wouldnt upload tracks without a secondary program which costs about £60 a year

I know its a small community of speed kiters world wide but would be good to know where i stand as well as being able to actually view sessions not just going by the speed i saw on my gps at the time

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Re: Speed Websites

Post by davo »

http://www.gps-kitesurfing.com/default.aspx is still alive and kicking (just) but there doesnt seem to now where near as much interest.

If your having problems uploading tracks I'm the regional time keeper for the UK and can look at your tracks for you.

Gps action replay and gps results have a small one off fee if you want to look at your tracks, I prefer action replay but results lets you overlay on google earth which is good.

http://www.sportstracklive.com was a good site but they started charging and i haven't been on it for a while.

Speed sailing has gone through a lot of changes and we can now go as fast in light winds on slalom boards as we were not many years ago on speed boards.

Whats your best speed and where do you sail?

Need any help just pm me


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