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Just wondered who on here bought one and what they think about it .Was it worth an upgrde from the 4s , loads of folks complaining about bad build quality( Black one's ) and sending them back .
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Picked up a Black 16GB on Friday. I have upgraded from 3GS so the difference in speed and response is night and day! I don't think it would survive a drop/fall, as it's thinner and lighter, perhaps that's what folks are going on about. Still prefer the feel of the 3GS, but I am getting used to the 5. My missus has the 4S and the 5 is only marginally faster at opening Apps or browsing the web. If I had the 4S, I would not be rushing out to get one.
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I'm still happy with my 4. I'd like a 5 but at the moment the improvements don't really warrant the cost for me.
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I have an iPhone 5 and have no regrets.I am contended with it.
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When 4 came out loads of mates gobbing off about how great it was, when 5 came out not much fuss at all prob because it isn't that much different to the 4 apart from looks.

I have the 4 and no practical difference in the things I can do compared to mates with the 5.

Saying that the 5 is till a great phone :-D
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