What would happen if you didn't buy a new kite?

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the biggest problem with bars is volume. kite companies can only sell as many bars as they do kites. bars are made up of a load of injection moulded plastic parts. this is cheap in volume, but the set up costs are expensive. The tiny volume means these costs are spread over a small number of units making them expensive.

lines are very expensive. Just the RRP on a lineset is around £120 - without the bar at all.
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Probably sell far less bars than kites, I have 7 kites, only 2 bars.

Plus bars are a selling point, people look for regular changes in bars where's with kites all they need is a change of colour and a new sales pitch
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Isn't this a case for shared IP on bars in the same way bike companies use shimano or compag for gears / brake components. Instead of every kite company tooling up to produce small volumes which keeps the price high.
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Totally agree, that would make complete sense for the consumer. Would also standardise the product and should eventually lead to a better quality product at a good price. But doubt that will ever happen.
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I've had 4 brand new kites and I have to say this year I will prob hold onto my kites another year. as the last few kites I've changed them at one year old and they have not been that much different.

it is nice with new kites. I also have complete faith in the kit then.

but before that I was just as happy on 4 year old kites in good nick. but as I live right by the sea I'm out more so I stumped up the cash for new kit as I use it a lot.
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