Clacton death

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Worst possible news.. :(
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Nicely put Tone, such sad news. I heard about it still with salt in my ears from the last session & it hammers home the grim possibilities of what could happen doing what we all love to do & the carnage that is left behind. Stay safe everyone & love to his family and kids.
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Sad times ...RIP bud
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So sorry to hear this news, RIP kite brother and condolences to family and friends.

It's so easy to forget how dangerous this sport can be sometimes, be safe out there.
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Ok , not sure how this hasnt filtered down here but the guys over at kiteaddicts have started a crowdfund for Marks family here ... e=Facebook

Also the locals have been in contact with some brands and starting the ball rolling was Marc Rowley and Dimitri Maramenides from Epic Kites who have joined together to donate a kite to be auctioned.

Followed closely by Ozone and Liquid force also Zian Kiteboarding who have all committed gear to add to the auction list.

To add to this a host of other local kiters and business have contributed offerings to the charity in favor of Marks young family left behind you can see a list here on Pete Scrivens " a friend of Marks and fellow kiters" facebook.

I've been out of the loop on all this because I moved to Australia 6 months ago now , but I have to say I have nothing but pride for the support and hard work that had gone into this from my old local crew .... alot of good guys down on the beach in Essex always a honor to have spent time with them.

If you have the opportunity pop a couple of quid toward the funding page or get involved with the upcoming auction , and lets all hope that if we are ever unfortunate enough to have the worst happen that we have mates around as good as these to look after the love ones , we cant anymore .

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Thanks for the info, the forum has been down for several days recently, which wont have helped with info like this getting through
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